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2586 Quarry Lake Drive
Baltimore, MD  21209

Core intensive full body workout effectively combines strength, endurance, cardio, balance, and flexibility training in each and every move.

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MEGAfit Signature Class

Our 50 minute Signature Class (plus a quick stretch at the end) is designed to systematically work each major muscle group to failure.  While each class is different (there are over 200 moves that can be done on the megaformer), you can expect to spend a significant portion of the class on core development.  Attention will also be focused on the muscles in the legs and glutes, and a typical class will focus on one whole side at a time because the Lagree Method emphasizes taking each major muscle group to fatigue before moving to the next area.  This "to failure" methodology ensures that the recruited muscle breaks down and recovers stronger.  You can also expect to burn out the muscles of the arms and upper body.

MEGAfit Basics

We keep this one super simple.  If the megaformer is intimidating to you, this is a good class to to get you started.  If you love mega, but occasionally want to take a class that is a little less challenging, this is a great class to take you back to the basics.  You will still get an amazing core-centric workout in 50 minutes, but at a notch below full speed ahead

MEGAfit Advanced


Yep, there are a couple of you who want full speed ahead plus.  This class is for you.  You can expect to get the basics plus added twists, pulses, tucks and anything else we can dream up.

More of the abdominal series may be done at the back of the machine, which creates more tension by requiring that the springs be pulled rather than pushed.  Expect to be pushed to your limit every time.